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Soundcore by Anker Life P2 Mini True Wireless Earbuds, 10mm Drivers with Big Bass, Custom EQ, Bluetooth 5.2, 32H Playtime, USB-C for Fast Charging, Tiny Size for Commute, Work (Black)

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Incredible Sound Loved By 20 Million+ People Stunning Sound: Life P2 Mini true wireless earbuds have oversized triple-layer 10mm drivers that deliver sound with boosted bass. 3 EQ Modes: Soundcore Signature, the default EQ, delivers well-balanced sound, while Bass Booster enhances bass-heavy music, and Podcast makes voices stand out clearly. To switch to a different mode, quickly press the right earbud 3 times. You will hear a tone for each successful switch. Featherweight Fit: The tiny true wireless earbuds weigh just 0.16oz (4.4g), which is 10% lighter than standard earbuds. They’re so small and light that they feel practically weightless in your ears. AI-Enhanced Calls: Built-in microphones on Life P2 Mini true wireless earbuds are equipped with an AI algorithm to enhance voice pick up and ensure you’re heard clearly by the other end.

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3 EQ Modes

Switch between Soundcore Signature, Bass Booster, and Podcast modes depending on what you’re listening to. Quick tap the right earbud 3 times to change the mode in an instant. You will hear a tone for each successful switch.

Bluetooth 5.2

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology for an ultra-stable connection.

One Step Pairing

The moment you open the charging case, Life P2 Mini’s true wireless earbuds immediately enter pairing mode.




Compact Case with 32 Hours of Power

Don’t be fooled! The charging case may be smaller than a sticky note, but it’s got enough power to charge the earbuds 4 times before it needs recharging itself.

Tiny, Lightweight Earbuds

Weighing just 0.16oz (4.4g), Life P2 Mini true wireless earbuds feel virtually weightless as they sit comfortably and securely in your ears.

Single Earbud Mode

Sometimes, you just want to use one earbud. Simply remove an earbud from the charging case, shut the lid, and start listening.

A3944 how to

Sound Stunning sound via 10mm triple-layer dynamic drivers Quality sound via 10mm drivers Thumping bass via 11mm bio-composite drivers and BassUp technology Expertly-tuned sound via 8mm triple-layer drivers Expertly-tuned sound via 11mm bio-composite drivers Expertly-tuned sound via graphene drivers Playtime Per Charge 8 Hours 8 hours 7 Hours 9 Hours 7 Hours 7 Hours Total Playtime with Charging Case 32 Hours 28 hours 35 Hours 35 Hours 35 Hours 40 Hours Fast Charging Charge for 10 minutes, listen for 1 hour Charge for 10 minutes, listen for 1 hour Charge for 10 minutes, listen for 2 hours Charge for 10 minutes, listen for 1.5 hours Charge for 10 minutes, listen for 1.5 hours Charge for 10 minutes, listen for 1 hour Waterproof IPX5 IPX5 IPX5 IPX7 IPX5 IPX7 Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.2 Bluetooth 5.2 Bluetooth 5 Bluetooth 5 Bluetooth 5 Bluetooth 5 App No No Yes No Yes No Calls 2 microphones with AI-enhanced uplink noise reduction 2 microphones with AI-enhanced uplink noise reduction 6 microphones with uplink noise reduction 2 microphones with uplink noise reduction 6 microphones with uplink noise reduction 4 microphones with cVc 8.0 uplink noise reduction technology Other Features Ultra-lightweight build, 3 EQ modes, touch control, USB-C Dual EQ modes, single earbud use, comfort and secure fit, button controls Multi-mode noise cancelling, BassUp, Soundcore app, gaming mode, sleeping mode, transparency mode, customized EQ, USB-C, beamforming mic, wireless charging Wireless charging, ultra-lightweight build, customized EQ, button control, USB-C Multi-mode noise cancelling, Soundcore app, customized EQ, transparency, USB-C, beamforming mic USB-C, aptX technology Recommended For Business calls, commute, travel Business calls, commute, travel Business calls, commute, travel, mobile gaming Commute, travel, sports Business calls, commute, travel, sports Business calls, commute, travel

Incredible Sound Loved By 20 Million+ People

Model Number: A3944

10mm Oversized Drivers: The triple layer drivers deliver clear sound with boosted bass.

3 EQ Modes: Soundcore Signature, Bass Booster, and Podcast modes tailor the sound profile to what you’re listening to. You will hear a tone for each successful switch.

Compact and Comfortable: Life P2 Mini true wireless earbuds weigh just 0.16oz (4.4g) each for an ultra-lightweight fit, and the compact charging case easily fits in small pockets and bags.

Extended Playtime: Enjoy 8 hours of playtime from a single charge. The charging case holds up to 32 hours of extra power so you can top up your earbuds on the go.

AI-Enhanced Microphones: Be heard clearly thanks to Life P2 Mini’s built-in microphones with AI-enhanced voice pick up.

Fast Charging: A speedy 10-minute charge gives you an hour of playtime.

IPX5 Water-Resistant: The music doesn’t stop even if it rains thanks to Life P2 Mini true wireless earbuds’ IPX5-rated protection.

One-Step Pairing: Open the charging case and Life P2 Mini true wireless earbuds will automatically enter pairing mode.

Single Earbud Mode: Want more awareness of your surroundings or extend playtime even further? Simply remove one of the earbuds from the charging case, shut the lid, and the earbud will enter Single Earbud mode.

Note: Before pairing for the first time, be sure to remove the sticker on the earbuds and put them back in the case to power on.


Impedance: 16Ω

Driver (Full Range): 2 x 10mm

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

What You Get:

Life P2 Mini true wireless earbuds

Charging case

XS/S/M/L/XL eartips

USB-C cable

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  1. JessicaJessica

    Really pleased with my purchase! The earbuds were more compact than I expected, and the mint colour is super cute. I had no problem pairing them with my laptop, phone and iPad. Battery life is impressive too! Only downside is that tapping on the earbuds to play/pause can be a bit of a hassle but it’s not a big deal. Overall a great product for the price point!


  2. Tedder

    So far so good! Once paired these earbuds connect right away. I have the Anker SoundBuds Surge and love them but I wanted earbuds without the cable so I bought these Soundcore and they have not disappointed. Sound quality and comfort are great and look really nice. I bought these because my SoundBud Surge had an 18 month warranty. When I had an issue with them at 17 months and 3 weeks dealing with Anker customer service was great and really easy. They sent me a brand new pair within a week. In my opinion their products are great and so is the warranty and customer service.


  3. Mrs. Ny N. McIntosh Mrs. Ny N. McIntosh

    I have had these for about a month now and I haven’t had any problems. They work great for music, if you are talking on the phone the other party can hear the background noise but it’s not too bad. I’d say these are better for listening to audio than talking. Battery lasts long, it goes a full day without charging. The only downside is that they fall out if my ear but I could change the rubber to a smaller rubber so that it doesn’t fall out. But my ears get itchy with the small rubber.Case is magnetized.

    Mrs. Ny N. McIntosh Mrs. Ny N. McIntosh

  4. Jeff

    I like how the earbuds have a magnetic connection to the charging case. Line up the earbuds somewhat to the case and it snaps into its proper place and starts charging. Sound quality and batter life is great and there’s hardly a delay between putting them in your ear and when the music starts to play.Con: I’m not liking the shape of the buds but it actually aint that bad


  5. Honest Opinion

    These are great and at a good price. Fits well in my small ears. Sound is great, easy to pair. I’ve used them singly when I’m on a run or walk so I can still hear traffic. Pretty good noise cancellation when you are using both of them. The only thing that could make them better was to have voice prompts so you know which sound equalizer you are changing to and some sort of textured area to indicate where to tap your finger for the controls. Great value for the money though.

    Honest Opinion

  6. Amazon Customer

    They were good as soon as I got them. Took me awhile to figure out how the buttons work but once you get the hang of it, it makes sense.Price:- Paid 60 CAD with taxes for these. Nothing else in this price range really caught my eye. I’d say I’m feeling great about this purchase.Sound quality:- Great and I’m really not too sure if getting earbuds for twice the price or more would be worthwhile for a slight increase in sound quality, I can’t really imagine what “better sound quality” in such compact earbuds would even be like.- The 3 equalizer settings are kind of… meh… You either get balanced treble and bass (though the bass felt a little lacking), all bass, no treble (sounds extremely muffled) or decent high treble and almost nothing in the low end. Granted, different devices and different apps may mess around with the output but I managed to download an equalizer app that allowed me to fine tune the output to make the buds sound amazing!Microphone:- Not great, not terrible. If you need earbuds for talking, look elsewhere, these are not really made for that in my opinion.Battery:- Haven’t gotten a chance to truly test the battery life yet, been using them on and off on a full charge but so far they seem to last quite awhile.Comfort:- Light weight, pack comes with 5 different sized rubber ear pieces, seem to stay securely in the ear, tested with medium physical activity but I feel like they shouldn’t fall out while running due to the fit and weight.- There are no actual buttons on the buds, just tap/touch sensors, which are a bit of a hit or miss, need a bit of practice to press them correctly.Conclusion:- Haven’t tried these type of earbuds before but for 60 CAD (with tax) the sound quality is pretty damn great.- Touch sensors on earbuds take some getting used to.- Feel secure in the ears.- Not the best microphone but not relevant to my interests.- Would recommend.

    Amazon Customer

  7. Jesse

    Anker reached out and provided a replacement set which work night and day compared to the previous ones I had. Happy they were able to reach out and offer a replacement.Edited: lowered to 2 stars as the earbuds may be defective as they lose sound on the right side.Not sure if I received a repackage that was sent back and then sent to me, but my package was missing any plastic wrap and the protective sticker was already broken which made me suspicious. The ear buds appear to work, however I haven’t been able to fully put them to the test. More to come


  8. Y

    Great sound quality and build quality, good sound isolation, and excellent connection and battery life. Very comfortable and does not cause fatigue easily! I would also like to highlight the fact that they do not have faint static noise in the background, which is very common for cheap earbuds. The only drawback I’ve found is the touch control can be finicky to use, but I might get used to it eventually. Overall, very decent for the price!


  9. Nadine

    Earbuds are awesome fit nice and snug in the ears dont move or fall out. The sound is awsome. The bass really good. I am very picky with my earbuds i use them for walking home from work. If its windy outside they work good they dont cut out. Battery life is good. I got them April 1 and charged them when they came they only had 10% battery left. Since then April 10 now haven’t had to charge them. They are loud. My old ear buds i had them at the max volume. These ones i have the volume half. Theses ear buds are so worth it. I love them. Go and buy these!!!


  10. Gerald James ValdezGerald James Valdez

    I’ve been looking around for earbuds forever. I was always spending money on earbuds. I never really found one that fits the criteria. But man oh man these blow every earbuds I’ve ever owned out the water. I’m so shocked how good they are. They’re crisp, they have great bass (what I look for) and honestly block out the noise. It has great noise reduction as well. I’m so stunned on how amazing they are for this price. Battery life and comfort is there. I use to own JBLs, Dre beats,Sennheiser and Sony but I tell you these have everything I’m looking for. Touch controls are basic and obviously they aren’t the greatest BUT the EQ modes are pretty cool. If I do have an issues with them I will update this review but overall I’m impressed.

    Gerald James ValdezGerald James Valdez

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