Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Multiple Modes, Hi-Res Sound, Custom EQ via App, 40H Playtime, Comfortable Fit, Bluetooth Headphones, Connect to 2 Devices (black)

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About this item Advanced Noise Cancellation Technology: Maintain your focus with Life Q30’s hybrid active noise cancellation. Dual noise-detecting microphones pick up and filter out up to 95% of low-frequency ambient sound to ensure nothing distracts you from your music. Ultimate Noise Cancellation Experience: Customize Life Q30’s noise cancellation with 3 modes—Transport minimizes airplane engine noise, Outdoor reduces traffic and wind, and Indoor dampens the sound of busy offices with people talking in the background. Enhanced Call Clarity: Life Q30 pairs 2 microphones with a noise reduction algorithm to accurately pick up and enhance your voice while suppressing other noises for clearer calls. 40-Hour Playtime: Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones play up to 40 hours of music in noise cancelling mode. Standard mode extends the playtime to 60 hours, while a short 5-minute charge gives you 4 hours of listening. Pressure-Free Comfort: Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones have ultra-soft protein leather earcups with memory foam padding to fit snugly over your ears. The lightweight build also ensures they’re comfortable for long listening sessions.

Product Description


Multi-Mode Noise Cancelling




Transport Mode

Tailored to keep the constant din of train, bus, and plane engines at bay. Creates a peaceful musical bubble for you to have a more comfortable journey.

Outdoor Mode

Reduces low and mid-frequency noises such as traffic. Wind is also suppressed for more comfortable walks along city streets and other busy spaces.

Indoor Mode

Block out background noises such as the whirring of air-conditioning units or the sound of low volume chatting in the background—allowing you to concentrate better while working or taking online classes.




Hear The World Around You

Let the sounds of the world into your personal space by pressing the right earcup for 1-2 seconds to activate Transparency mode. Ideal for when you need to speak to people or want to hear traffic.

Soundcore App

Select a noise cancellation mode, choose from 22 EQ presets or customize your own, and tailor your own white noise soundscape for when you need to rest.

Fast Pairing

Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones are compatible with NFC Pairing, just tap your Android phone on the right earcup to connect.




Embrace Your Ears

Enjoy all-day comfort thanks to the memory foam earcups and headband, plus a lightweight frame weighing just 9oz (260g). For a secure fit, Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones have earcups that adjust by up to 15°.

Multi-Point Connection

Connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time to easily switch between calls, listening to music, video conferencing, and more without needing to reconnect.

Convenient Carrying

Keep Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones protected against daily wear and tear by storing them in the included travel case.

Note: We are currently upgrading Life Q30’s travel case from the larger square version to a more compact, space-saving oval version. You may receive either version.




Incredible Sound Loved by 20 Million+ People

Model Number: A3028

Key Features

Hi-Res Sound: Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones have 40mm drivers that reproduce treble up to 40kHz for full-bodied sound with excellent clarity.

Multiple Noise Cancellation Modes: Choose from Transport, Indoor, or Outdoor modes to maximize the active noise cancellation’s effect depending on where you’re listening.

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation: Low and mid-frequency ambient sounds and up to 95% of engine noise are detected and filtered out by a digital active noise cancellation chipset, as well as external and internal microphones on each earcup.

Calls with Excellent Clarity: Enhanced voice pick-up and noise reduction ensure you’re heard clearly while using Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones for calls.

40-Hour Playtime: Listen for up to 40 hours in noise cancellation mode and 60 hours in standard mode. Get 4 hours of listening from a quick 5-minute charge.

Lightweight Build: Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones weigh just over 9oz (260g) and have memory foam earcups with a protein leather cover for all-day comfort. Ergonomic Design: Life Q30’s earcups rotate by up to 15° to adjust to the shape of your head and its headband can also be adjusted for a more comfortable, secure fit.

Transparency Mode: Press the touch control on Life Q30’s right earcup for 1-2 seconds to activate Transparency mode to allow you to hear voices and traffic at a natural level when needed.

Soundcore App: Select an active noise cancellation mode, update firmware, customize the EQ or choose a preset, and create a soothing white noise soundscape when you want to relax.

NFC Fast Pairing: Tap your Android phone on Life Q30’s right earcup for extra-fast pairing.

Multi-Point Connection: Life Q30 Bluetooth headphones can be connected to 2 devices at once for easy switching.


According to regulations, the maximum volume of headphones should not exceed 100dB. In order to protect your hearing, Life Q30’s maximum volume has been set to around 95dB. Do not listen to excessively loud volumes for long periods of time.

For the best sound quality, noise cancellation, and call experience, make sure the left and right earcups are worn on the correct sides and they create a tight seal around your ears.

Playtime varies according to volume and audio content.

This product is compliant with CP65, RoHS, and REACH requirements. However, certain people may develop skin irritation due to allergies or sensitivities. To reduce the risk of skin irritation: Clean your device regularly; Avoid using lotions or other products under the portions of the device that contact your skin; Do not wear over injured skin; Where applicable, tighten the adjustment until snug, but not uncomfortably tight; If your skin becomes irritated, stop using device. If symptoms are severe or persist, consult your physician.


Impedance: 16Ω

Driver (Full Range): 2 × 40mm

Frequency Response: 16Hz – 40kHz

Range: 15 m / 49.21 ft

What’s In The Box

Soundcore Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones

USB-C Cable

3.5mm AUX Cable

Travel Case

User Manual

Sound Hi-Res certified sound via 40mm dynamic drivers, customized EQ Hi-Res certified sound via 40mm dynamic drivers, BassUp technology, dual EQ modes Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified sound via 40mm dynamic drivers, customized EQ, LDAC technology Hi-Res sound via 40mm dynamic driver, customized EQ Active Noise Cancellation Hybrid active noise cancellation with Indoor, Outdoor, Travel, and Transparency modes Hybrid active noise cancellation Hybrid active noise cancellation with Indoor, Outdoor, Travel, and Transparency modes Hybrid active noise cancellation, and transparency modes Playtime 60 Hours (ANC off) 40 Hours (ANC on) 60 Hours (ANC off) 40 Hours (ANC on 60 Hours (ANC off) 40 Hours (ANC on) 60 Hours (ANC off) 40 Hours (ANC on) Fast Charging Charge for 5 minutes, listen for 4 hours Charge for 5 minutes, listen for 4 hours Charge for 5 minutes, listen for 4 hours Charge for 5 minutes, listen for 4 hours Connectivity Bluetooth 5, AUX, NFC Bluetooth 5, AUX Bluetooth 5, AUX with built-in microphone, NFC Bluetooth 5, AUX Calls 2 microphones with uplink noise reduction Single microphone with uplink noise reduction 2 microphones with AI-enhanced uplink noise reduction Single microphone with uplink noise reduction Other Features Multi-point connection, foldable design with ergonomic headband, memory foam earcups with protein leather, multi-point rotation, travel case Foldable design with ergonomic headband, memory foam earcups, multi-point rotation, travel pouch Multi-point connection, smart wearing detection, foldable design with ergonomic headband, memory foam earcups with protein leather, multi-point rotation, travel case Foldable design with ergonomic headband, memory foam earcups, multi-point rotation, travel pouch Charging Port USB-C Micro-USB USB-C USB-C Soundcore App Yes No Yes Yes Recommended For Travel, flight, train, commute Travel, flight, train, commute Travel, flight, train, commute Travel, home office, study, commute

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  1. Mike Boettcher

    The sound quality is quite good, pretty decent bass not too muddy in mids and highs, custom EQ allows adjustments to make it really great (default and preset EQs are mediocre) and the set EQ still works on 2nd device. I’m sure there are more expensive audiophile headphones that sound better, but 4x or more to justify paying 4x or more? I doubt it and no thanks.I have an average head and ear size, they are extremely comfortable. I can wear it for hours with no discomfort.The battery lasts 60 hours with no ANC, no false advertising there.Bluetooth connection is stable and range is better than most BT devices I have used. I can actually leave the room and not have the connection become unstable.The ANC may not be as good as Sony top of the line, but is quite decent. The sound does change with ANC engaged, so it needs its own custom EQ setting. (In the app you can create, name and save a bunch of custom EQ)One of my big uses is watching tv. Sound is well synced and I’ve only had issue connecting directly to my tv (sound gets screechy distortion/cracking at higher volume) but it has no issues connected to phone, fire stick, cable box and PC. (from my research of various headphones pre-purchase, it is not uncommon to have issues with smart tvs connected via BT, I don’t think it is the fault of headphones. )The 2 device connection isn’t flawless (for example, getting it to switch back to first device without disconnecting 2nd even though 2nd has no sound being output…) , but it is easy to use and connects without issue.In conclusion, I can’t imagine finding a better pair of headphones anywhere near the price, I’m so very happy with these q30 headphones . After watching reviews/comparisons on YT post-purchase, I think it might be difficult to find a truly better pair even paying 4x as much.

    Mike Boettcher

  2. Bassman

    I listened to a lot of reviews before buying this headset. For trying the XM4, for 1/5 the price, that’s fantastic. The app works great, it’s simple, maybe a bit too much. The noise reducer is doing a sufficient job for me. Connecting 2 devices is magic. The battery, between 40 and 60 hours! And the sound! I am a professional musician in the symphony orchestras in Montreal, that’s a yes without hesitation. I just had some fry (little sizzle) on the right side one night, I keep my 5 star but I’m listening, hope it doesn’t come back.J’ai écouté pleins de review avant d’acheter ce casque. Pour avoir essayé le XM4, pour le 1/5 du prix, c’est fantastique. L’application fonctionne très bien, c’est simple, peut-être un peu trop. Le réducteur de bruit fait un travail suffisant pour moi. La connexion 2 appareils c’est magique. La batterie, entre 40 et 60 heures! Et le son! Je suis musicien professionnel dans les orchestres symphonique à Montréal, c’est un oui sans hésitation. J’ai juste eu de la friture (petit grésillement) du côté droit un soir, je garde mon 5 étoiles mais je suis à l’écoute, j’espère que ça ne va pas revenir.


  3. Larry T.

    UPDATE:Anker-CA customer support reached out to me and sent a replacement pair of Q30 headphones. I have waited a few days before updating my review while wearing them as much as possible, just to be sure there was no creaking. And there is not. I have to say, these things are amazing, especially for the price.PROS:• Bluetooth always connects immediately and the Bluetooth range is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I live in a two-story house and I can leave my phone on my desk on the main floor and get perfect reception on the second floor. I even walked out to my car in the driveway one day and stayed totally connected without a hiccup.• Battery life also is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in a pair of headphones. I haven’t actually measured the hours but I have gone five days without having to recharge and it still has 20% remaining.• They are extremely comfortable. No sense of pressure on my head and feel very light.• The audio quality is very good. I’m not an audiophile but the sound quality along with the equalizer options offered through the phone app is better than anything I have previously experienced.• Noise canceling is quite good from what I’ve experienced. I live in a remote area so there’s no road traffic to tell how effective the NC is for that and I’ll have to wait till we can fly again before I can comment on how they handle aircraft engine noise.• Customer service – Anker went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied.CONS:• While these are very comfortable, I would describe the fit as loose. They’re not something you could wear during a workout or a jog. I’ve had them fall off once when I leaned over a little too far while standing at my kitchen counter.BOTTOM LINE:• Highly, highly recommended. For the price I don’t think you could do better.Previous review:I watched at least 8 YouTube reviews of the Q30s and felt very confident in purchasing them. The audio is excellent. The phone app is a joy to use. The fit is great. The number of hours on a charge is amazing. But unfortunately they creak somewhere in the structure. And it’s transmitted right into the ear cups. Both of ear cups constantly creaking. The left is the worst. My choice of music is a combination of instrumental jazz, classical and New Age so I’m always hearing the creaking. I also like to use NC headphones for silence while I’m meditating. That’s when the creaking is most distracting. It reminds me an older house that is not airtight, and every time there’s a wind storm there is that one door that creaks. That’s what these headphones are like. I have a set of 8 year-old (wired) Bose AE2s that are solid as new with never a creak. If it wasn’t for the incessant creaking on these Q30s I’d give them 5 stars. Sadly, I will be returning them.

    Larry T.

  4. Mark BurbridgeMark Burbridge

    Edit: A+ customer service very happy was sent Q20 in Q30 box message Anker and they were able to send me the proper pair while letting me keep the Q20. Very happy with the quality of them amazing for movies

    Mark BurbridgeMark Burbridge

  5. Amazon Customer

    I purchased these primarily to block out ambient noise when working, and they do a very good job at this. I can’t speak to how well the noise cancelling works on these vs. more expensive options, but considering the cost, I was really surprised. Put them on, activate the noise cancelling, and the world around you disappears. It’s oddly soothing.Audio quality (headphones as well as microphone), build quality, battery life, comfort of ear cups and headband all feel really good for the price as well.Weird quirks:- The battery remaining doesn’t report correctly, and stays at 80% charge for a really long time. The battery lasts about a full week of work, and about halfway through the week they are still reporting 80% battery.- Microphone quality was not great out of the box, but is fixed by a firmware update that is easily installed via the Soundcore app.

    Amazon Customer

  6. flassk

    Fantastic performance for the price range, more battery life than anybody could ever need, i’ll run them for 12+ hours nonstop without issue, the usb type C charge port is a nice touch, likely to last longer than micro usb.I did initially recieve a cosmetically flawed/damaged unit but their customer service happily replaced the unit in exchange for the one that srrived damaged. (There was a pair of cracks in the headband slider)I don’t get the impression this is a common issue but maybe keep a sharp eye out just in case.Other than that, great headset for the price and great customer service.


  7. Michel

    English: Considering the price and that they are really comfortable and the panoply of possibilities offered to personalize the sound of these headphones using the Soundcore application compatible with Android and IOS I do not see any big flaws in these headphones and for a times no need to spend more than $ 300 to enjoy quality sound. I am not saying that they are the best on the market but at this price and the quality of construction which seems really impeccable to me, I do not hesitate for a second to recommend them because I love them !!!. This is not the first Anker product that I buy and it surely is not the last either. Thank you Anker for this little wonder at this price. !!!French: Compte tenu du prix et qu’ils sont vraiment confortables et les possibilités offertes de personnaliser le son de ces écouteurs à l’aide de l’application Soundcore compatible Android et IOS je ne vois pas de gros défauts à ces écouteurs et pour une fois nul besoin de dépenser plus de 300$ pour profiter d’un son de qualité. Je ne dis pas que ce sont les meilleurs sur le marché mais à ce prix et la qualité de construction qui me semble vraiment impeccable, je n’hésite pas une seconde à les recommander car moi je les adore !!!. Ce n’est pas le premier produit Anker que j’achète et ce n’est sûrement pas le dernier non plus. Merci Anker pour cette petite merveille à ce prix.!!!


  8. Luke F.

    This was my first time buying an Anker headphone and I’m glad I picked it.Some highlights:Audio quality – Great! Music and voices were clear.Active Noise Cancelling – Worked better than I thought it would for a “mid-range” headphone. The headphone provide passive noise isolataion and the active noise cancelling helps remove other sounds so I don’t have to crank up the volume when I’m trying to focus on a task. Note: it doesn’t cancel out all external noise.Modes – Changing between modes like noise cancelling and transparency is easy since there is a dedicated touch control on the side of the headphone. Transparency mode allows for music and environmental noice to be hear clearly.Bluetooth – easy to set up and responsiveCarrying case – comes with a hardshell carrying case! Not many headphones at this price point will provide a hardshell case.Comfort – The headphone material does get a little warm for extended periods of use

    Luke F.

  9. Kindle Customer

    My roommates had a kid, and all of a sudden me listening to tv through my speakers in the middle of the night became an issue. So I needed to find some headphones that:1. Fit my giant head2. Were wireless so I could walk around while listening.3. Weren’t $400. Which seemed to be the price for a really good set of wireless headphones.I ended up buying a few sets of headphones from a variety of manufacturers in the sub $100 range. As part of the first batch I ended up getting an Anker Q20+ which ended up being my favorite of the bunch. I had clicking and popping issues in the end so I decided to return the Q20’s and then bought a few more expensive headphones in the $100-150 range including the Q30, I had thought about the Q35 but I mostly want these to watch TV so LDAC wasn’t a high priority. Again, I liked the Anker headphones best and kept them. Turns out I should’ve waited for black Friday as they dropped in price drastically and Amazon wouldn’t give me the new price. I would’ve had to return them and buy them again which I found awfully silly.The Q30’s also seem to suffer from the clicking & popping issue. But after some playing around and more shopping, the issue stemmed from the cheap Bluetooth radio I was using. I upgraded to a PCI-E Bluetooth card with proper antennas and most of those issues have disappeared, and as a bonus the range has increased drastically. Sometimes I’ll get gaps during playback but that seems to from me using Spacial effects in Windows.All in all I’m quite impressed so far, sure some Bose or Sennheiser headphones would’ve been nice but im watching stereo TV shows and listening to spotify. While I don’t need anything fancy, I find the build quality to be quite good on these. They’re comfortable, sound good and while the noise cancelling can be spotty its better than not having any.

    Kindle Customer

  10. JaySeb

    As a musician/producer/mixer and just general music lover, I already have a bunch of headphones and high-end audio gear. Now looking for a simple wireless option for things around the house (dog walking, working in the yard and so on).I was getting ready to buy the SONY XM4… but after seeing a few reviews of the Soundcore Q30’s, I had to try and why not save in the process! For general work around the house, music and divers listening such as podcasts and videos, these are just fantastic. Coming from a music studio and mixing background, I can attest to the general audio quality of the Q30’s. Note : the Q30’s have WAY TOO much bass by default, but I guess it’s easier to remove than to add (EQ accessible in phone App to make it like you want – first thing I did is bring down the bass to a reasonable level – default level was just killing music in general).So if you are looking for a somewhat “neutral listening experience”, these aren’t really for you. But if you are looking for a low-priced quality alternative and headphones that will bring you the bass till tomorrow, these are fantastic.Fit, Finish, Feel and general quality is very acceptable. Little buttons on the unit feel very “normal”, but it doesn’t remove anything from the usability. As my son has XM4’s, of course you can feel the difference in quality (both audible and tactile), but is it worth 300$CAD more? NO.


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